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Many schools nationwide have shifted to online learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This complicated situation has led to less effective learning for students nationwide and worldwide. Five Star Tutoring aims to provide all students with free, high-quality, online tutoring in three ways:

First, review the current academic topics. Many schools have reduced the amount of material covered in classes. By reviewing the material that was cut from the curriculum this year, we make sure that you're ready to ace your classes next year.

Second, prepare for standardized testing. The next SAT test date is in August, but the summer will pass quicker than you know it! As students with extensive standardized testing experience, we're ready to help you manage test anxiety and do extremely well on future standardized tests.

Third, study ahead for next year. Adjusting to in-person school may be different after 5 months out of the classroom. We'll help you lighten your load so classes will feel easier and less stressful next year.

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